Chasing light | No wonder this sport can enter the Olympics.

Just this week.
The 141st Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee
Adopted a resolution on the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games
Proposal to add five major items
Flag rugby was listed as an Olympic event for the first time.
Will appear in the Olympic Games in five years.
NFL (Major League Football)
Have a large number of fans around the world
In the process of popularization of this sport
Waist flag football has also been widely promoted.
Won many countries and regions around the world.
The favor of sports lovers
Unlike traditional American football,
Waist flag football takes a short time and has a fast pace.
Is a relatively safe."non-collision"sports
Easy to participate and have stronger social attributes.
There is a good participation rate in all groups.
In recent years, rugby has been heating up in China.
Various types of competitions emerge one after another.
Young people regard it as a "tidal movement"
More and more schools offer related courses.
Huamei Rugby League
It is one of the national high-level adult amateur leagues.
At present, dozens of American football teams are among them.
There are many teams that have just been established in recent years.
The participating players come from all walks of life.
Many are even at school.
Are all amateur football players.
In their spare time, they are armed to the teeth.
Practice the techniques of serving, rushing and catching in an organized way.
Very professional
"Play ball after work.
Exercise also relieves stress. "
"Football and basketball have been played by many people.
Rugby is very trendy. "
Although it is an amateur team.
But many teams have their own official accounts.
Post training and competition videos on social media.
In order to attract new players
More and more people learn about this sport through this.
And gradually spread it to more cities.
Not only in society.
Football is also popular in schools nowadays.
Hangzhou normal university rugby field
It is the venue for rugby sevens in Hangzhou Asian Games.
The school also used this venue to set up football courses.
Stimulate students’ interest in sports
At Harbin University of Commerce
With the help of the 2018 World College Football Championship,
The opportunity to hold it there
More and more people are taking part in rugby.
At Harbin Engineering University
In recent years, a number of rugby matches have been held here.
Heilongjiang Student Rugby Championship
Even attracted primary school students to participate.
Rugby has developed rapidly in the campus of Heilongjiang Province.
Many schools have organized football teams.
And put rugby in physical education class.
Harbin No.8 Middle School is in Heilongjiang Province.
The first batch of youth rugby training bases
On the physical education class here.
Students can learn the culture and rules of football.
And experience the happiness brought by football.
In order to better develop rugby.
Harbin Education Bureau once joined Harbin Institute of Teaching and Research.
Hold the city’s primary and secondary school physical education teachers’ waist flag rugby rotation training
Nowadays, the economic effects of rugby are gradually emerging.
In Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanning, Harbin and other places
Beach football, snow football and other competitions.
Attract social capital to participate.
Promote the sales of rugby-related equipment
People in the industry believe that flag football will enter the Olympics.
Will further promote the promotion of rugby.
"Tide Movement" will lift the tide again.
Reporter: Wang Junbao
Photo: Can Cao Ren Chao Li Ziheng
Editor: Wu Junkuan, Huang Xuguo