Colorful activities celebrate the New Year, and the New Year’s Day activities in Guangzhou Red Revolution Stadium are warm.

Southern Network News (Reporter/Zhou Cun correspondent/Sui Wenguang Travel Announcement) During the New Year’s Day, various red revolutionary memorial venues in Guangzhou planned to launch multi-cultural activities such as the basic exhibition of revolutionary cultural relics, the New Year’s Eve in museums, fun sports games, and the Shuaifu story meeting, so as to meet the needs of citizens and tourists for cultural travel in an all-round way and add luster to creating a peaceful, peaceful, happy and festive New Year’s Day holiday.
At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, it coincided with the 130th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong’s birth. Comrade Mao Zedong hosted the memorial hall of the former site of the peasant movement workshop to launch a new exhibition, "China has a Mao Zedong". The exhibition adopted a combination of chronology and special topics. Through detailed historical materials, rich pictures and selected cultural relics exhibits, it fully demonstrated Comrade Mao Zedong’s far-sighted political vision, unshakable revolutionary belief, extraordinary courage to explore, perfect struggle art and outstanding and superb leadership skills.
After two years of upgrading, Guangzhou Museum of Modern History recently exhibited "Red Guangzhou Hero City-Guangzhou Revolutionary History Exhibition". In order to highlight Guangzhou’s exploration and contribution in the history of Party history and China revolution, the theme of the exhibition is "Guangzhou is the cradle of China’s democratic revolution", and through "Great changes in a hundred years: exploring the road to national salvation and survival", "Every spring comes to a standstill: the establishment of Guangzhou’s party organization", "Surging like a storm: the center of the Great Revolutionary Movement", "indomitable struggle in the white area" and "concerted efforts: Guangzhou’s military and civilians" The exhibition area is 1,765 square meters, and the exhibition line is 380 meters. There are 581 physical exhibits, 235 historical photos, 17 groups of artistic works such as oil paintings, sculptures and scenes, and 16 multimedia exhibitions, which show the glorious history of the Guangzhou revolution at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives.
In addition, various memorial halls have also launched a variety of social education activities. In 2024, the memorial hall of Marshal Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion launched the activity of "Dragon Leaping and Tiger Leaping to Celebrate the New Year and Gathering in Shuaifu to Celebrate New Year’s Day", with theme activities such as "fun sports meeting", "story meeting in Shuaifu" and "fun visit to temple fairs", supplemented by manual creation activities such as "painting linen bags", "DIY desk calendar" and "paper cutting". The memorial hall of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of China launched a series of New Year’s Day activities to welcome the New Year, and realized the revolutionary spirit by listening to red stories and DIY crafts. The memorial hall of the Agricultural Institute launched a youth research activity of "Learning Poetry with Grandpa Mao". After the students visited the exhibition "China has a Mao Zedong", the research teacher appreciated Mao Zedong’s poems in combination with the historical background, so that the students could learn spiritual strength from the ideological growth of great men and teenagers and gain cultural nourishment.
Photo courtesy of correspondent