General Luo Yuan: Die-hard "Taiwan independence" elements should be listed as war criminals!

In the course of the national anti-epidemic campaign, Tsai Ing-Wen, Lai Qingde, Su Zhenchang and other scum of the Chinese nation on Taiwan Province Island tried to take advantage of the "epidemic" to fight against China and seek independence.
They forget their ancestors, and they completely tear the false face of so-called "human rights" and "democracy", challenging not only Chinese mainland, but also human morality. These people must pay the price for their words and deeds.
What goes around comes around is not just talk, but let the perpetrators feel the consequences.
First of all, we should shock them psychologically and crush them, and we should not let them be so arrogant in imposing manner.
In this anti-epidemic process, we not only showed the ability to deal with public health emergencies, but also showed the strong mobilization, organization and coordination and mobile delivery ability of the army, as well as the strong cohesion of military and civilian unity as one person.
To transform this "non-war military action" into "war military action", we only need to start the transformation mechanism; Transforming this ability to cope with "natural disasters" into the ability to cope with "Taiwan independence" man-made disasters will be a disaster for the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.
The perverse actions of "Taiwan independence" elements in the face of major disasters have angered people, which has aggravated the resentment of mainland people against "Taiwan independence" elements and the public opinion that they want to clean up and punish them, which has laid a solid public opinion foundation for punishing "Taiwan independence" elements.
Don’t always talk about Taiwan Province’s public opinion. The iron will of 1.4 billion people in Chinese mainland is the biggest mainstream public opinion.
In addition, we must take effective measures in action and increase punishment. I suggest:
First, we can consider amending the Anti-Secession Law to incorporate the latest ideas and research results on Taiwan.
It has been 15 years since the law was enacted, and the situation and specific conditions have changed greatly. It is necessary to keep pace with the times and further refine or modify some provisions.
For example, the law puts forward the bottom line that Chinese mainland can handle the Taiwan Province issue by "non-peaceful means" under three circumstances, but it is vague and general.
What three situations, people and groups should be defined as "Taiwan independence" separatist forces, and what words and deeds should be classified as "Taiwan independence" separatist facts?
Are there qualitative and quantitative standards for "a major incident that will lead to the separation of Taiwan Province from China"?
Under what circumstances can it be defined as "the possibility of peaceful reunification is completely lost"?
Five measures to achieve "peaceful reunification" are listed in the Anti-Secession Law, so what are the "non-peaceful means"?
Is it possible for Taiwan Province to realize "one country, two systems" once the Taiwan Province issue is solved by "non-peaceful means"?
In addition, the Anti-Secession Law clearly stipulates that "the settlement of the Taiwan Province issue … shall not be interfered by any foreign forces".
So what is "interference by foreign forces"? Is it Wen or Wu? Is it business or law? What should we do if foreign forces interfere?
These details should be clarified legally as soon as possible, otherwise, "Taiwan independence" elements will continue to provoke China unscrupulously in the form of "edge ball" and erode our bottom line. Now, the US Congress has repeatedly enacted Taiwan-related bills. Why can’t we raise the banner of law?
Second, "Taiwan independence" die-hards should be included in the list of war criminals who provoke cross-strait military conflicts.
The implementation of this creative policy by our army in the later period of the liberation war played a positive role in dividing and disintegrating the enemy, winning over the middle forces, isolating and cracking down on die-hards and ringleaders.
Now, Tsai Ing-Wen and Lai Qingde are constantly clamoring for "confrontation with the mainland" by force and constantly buying advanced weapons from the United States, which is an attempt to reject reunification by force and push Taiwan Province to the road of no return to war. If a military conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, they will be the chief culprit.
Third, timely announce the words and deeds of "Taiwan independence" elements to split the motherland and formulate a memorandum of words and deeds of "Taiwan independence."
It will provide a factual basis for us to liquidate the criminals who split the motherland in the future, and also let the whole world know who is provoking the war. Once the PLA uses force, it will be a forced counterattack. Thus, further occupy the commanding heights of public opinion and morality.
Fourth, impose sanctions on enterprises and individuals that support "Taiwan independence." Some people should not be allowed to engage in "Taiwan independence" while making money from the mainland.
Fifth, strengthen the maneuverable and visible drills against "Taiwan independence" backbone elements and "Taiwan independence" separatist plots, with actual combat background and imaginary enemies.
It is necessary to continuously squeeze the living space of "Taiwan independence" and turn "routine" joint military exercises into targeted punitive rehearsals. Once provoked by "Taiwan independence" elements, our military aircraft and warships with bombs moved closer to Taiwan Province’s coastal areas, making Taiwan’s "identification zone" useless. Let the Taiwan military always be like a frightened bird and be exhausted. Let the people of Taiwan Province realize that it is the "Taiwan independence" elements that have stirred up Taiwan Province.
Sixth, the heart is the best. While strengthening the education on the benefits of "peaceful reunification" for the people of Taiwan Province, we should also strengthen the propaganda on the price that Taiwan Province will pay once it is "unified by martial law", so that the people of Taiwan Province can make a choice between peace and war, and between reunification and division.
Seventh, publish a unified timetable in due course. We cannot let the Taiwan Province issue drag on for a long time.
At present, the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces are going further and further on the road of splitting the motherland, and the space for peaceful reunification is being squeezed smaller and smaller. No matter "Wu Tong" or "He Tong", the historical trend of cross-strait reunification is unstoppable by anyone.
The writer is a former member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
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