Found a 60+ dressing expert: don’t pretend to be tender or fancy, don’t wear gold and silver, and be elegant to the bone.

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What kind of experience is it to have a mother who is more fashionable than yourself?This 60+ Aunt Su’s fans come to tell you. Up to her peers in her sixties and seventies, down to a little girl of 20+, this aunt wears countless circles of powder. ▼▼

In the comment area of Su Ayi’s social account, there are iron fans of the same age who envy Su Ayi’s status, and there are also 20+30+ girls who seek links online and watch.Aunt Su, whose hair is curled and dressed with personal characteristics, can’t see at all that she is a "grandmother" over 60.

It can be seen that fashion is not a patent for young people. When you are old, you don’t have to go with the flow to wear "grandma’s clothes". Just look at Aunt Su.The face is perishable but the style lasts forever!

It’s never too late to dress up. In this issue, we will take a look at this fashionable 60+ aunt and see how she uses some.The basic model that can be seen every day, wearing an unforgettable elegant style ~

First, 60 years old wears a 40-year-old appearance, and Aunt Su did two things right:

(point 1): the color is not more than three, and the color is advanced.

Careful observation of Aunt Su’s clothes is not difficult to find.She is very fond of overlapping wear, and each dress is not too tight and the color is not too complicated.This simple collocation style not only shows her unique personal temperament, but also makes her overall dress more advanced and outstanding.

The choice of color is one of the keys to create a simple and elegant style.Too many colors will make the overall shape look chaotic and lack a sense of unity, so it is suggested that when choosing clothing collocation,Try to control within three colors.. This will not only highlight the key points, but also make every single item on the upper body feel advanced.

In addition to the choice of color, Aunt Su is also very particular about color matching. take for exampleChoose items with adjacent colors or similar colors to match.This will make the overall shape more harmonious and unified.Appropriate embellishmentSome bright colorsThe addition of these bright colors can make the whole shape more vivid and interesting.

(point 2): the version prefers to be loose, elegant and more relaxed.

Aunt Su, who is 163 cm tall and weighs 108 kg, is a relatively standard figure among her peers, but her collocation always gives people a feeling of being tall and relaxed, which is not unrelated to her preference for loose versions.

When a woman is old, compared with the slightly cramped tight-fitting models, the comfort and elegance of loose items are better. For example, with the above picture, the loose H-shaped windbreaker can well accommodate the figure curve, with light-colored Polo and pants inside, which makes the body feel the greatest freedom and relaxation.

But the loose version should pay more attention to the proportion of the body and the waistline, and Aunt Su is very good at it.Fold it through to expose the light-colored inner lap to emphasize the waistline, and the cardigan button buckles a visual line that makes the upper V and the lower A, stretching the proportion of the lower body.. Only by combining techniques and loose items can we have a fashionable sense of relaxation.

(Point 3): Age-reducing collocation avoids deliberate feeling.

Many women in their 60 s prefer the age-reducing style, but they can’t start. If they are not careful, they will be suspected of playing tender. Aunt Su’s idea of age-reducing is worth learning.Taking "simplicity and comfort" as the core, we choose classic light-colored items to create a simple style, and at the same time, we can show a youthful and energetic style.

For example, choose a classic sweater cardigan with a solid color T-shirt and white pants. This kind of collocation makes people shine, clean and refreshing, which greatly enhances their temperament, and will not make people feel too deliberate in daily life.Appropriately embellishing a bright color is not exaggerated but can show a certain vitality, and the effect of age reduction is doubled.

Aunt Su’s dress style shows her age-appropriate comfort and self-satisfaction, showing a state of stretching and relaxation, which is very worth learning from her peers.Perfect interpretation of what is "ageless wearing" across age.

Second, Aunt Su’s "Down cotton-padded jacket" collocation is worth learning.

▋ [How to choose? 】

?? Don’t choose colors that are too conspicuous, black and old.

When choosing down jackets, color selection is a key step, especially for middle-aged and elderly women. Too bright colors, such as bright orange and big red, are not only possible.It makes the skin look dull, and it is difficult to wear elegant temperament.

Strong colors have a great impact on vision, and it is difficult to match the daily wearing style, which is too exaggerated. butAunt Su’s down cotton-padded jacket is mostly black, white and gray or earth colors, which are deep and low-key, and can well set off the temperament of mature women., but also can be very harmonious with most colors, you can.Greatly improved the practical wear of clothing..

?? If you don’t choose the complicated quilting style, the earthy taste is still fat.

When purchasing down jackets, you shouldTry to avoid those styles that are too slim and have complicated quilting design.. This kind of down jacket is not only easy to go out of fashion, but also divides the body proportion into a mess, making it difficult to match, and it is difficult for ordinary people to wear a sense of fashion.

In contrast, down jackets with wide quilting intervals will look more neat and fashionable, such asBread and clothing, rhombic check quiltingIt will also look more elegant after the upper body.

▋ [How to take it? 】

⑴ Create a "elastic" contrast and create a slimming effect.

How to wear down jacket without being bloated? The answer lies in grasping the elastic ratio.The key to shaping the slimming effect is to choose fit pants and build them inside.It is recommended to choose slim underwear and slim pants, such as straight pants, leggings or slim wide-leg pants.

These underlays and trousers can enhance the overall line sense, form a visual balance with the down jacket, and create a "elastic" contrast, making the whole look elastic and more exquisite and moving.

⑵ Don’t blur the waistline, wear a tall feeling.

In addition to choosing suitable trousers, the version and collocation of down jacket itself are also very important. In order to prevent showing too bloated body lines, we should pay attention to highlighting the position of waistline.

with regard toSmall, half-sized.Middle-aged and elderly women,Choose a bottom with a high waist design and a padded waistband.It is a good method, which can lengthen the body proportion. In addition,Color contrast between open coat and bottom coat, both hierarchical and slim.

⑶ Down jacket and wide-leg pants are matched, so there is no mistake in covering the meat.

Aunt Su’s down jacket loves to match the narrow wide-leg pants. As it turns out, the combination of the narrow wide-leg pants and the swollen down jacket is very complementary.The straight trousers not onlyCan help hide the fat of the legs, and at the same time avoid the overall shape from being bloated.Create a light visual impression.

You can learn from Aunt Su.Choose a down jacket that is over the waist but not over the hips.With a pair of wide-leg pants with high waist design, a small piece of light color is exposed, which can effectively lengthen the proportion of the lower body and make the figure look more symmetrical.

Third, as long as you have a good attitude, you will never be old.

Among her peers, Aunt Su’s dressing style is different, and at the same time, it is "no grandma-like" in others’ mouths, but these Aunt Su don’t care, bask in life, share clothes and interact with fans, and live a comfortable and happy life in old age.

Aunt Sue said:From the beginning, I was embarrassed to wear lipstick when I went out. When I was in my 60 s, I began to share my clothes. We changed in experience and grew up in change.

Indeed, what is old in life is youth, and what is not old is mentality. The old days are yesterday, but the old days are today.

The vicissitudes of time may be written on the face and body, but a person’s heart isIt can not only be "mature as a teenager", but also "return to nature".

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