What is fashion? It’s so cool for a 71-year-old grandmother to be a model, and the state is envied by a 21-year-old young man.

Even at the age of 70+, some people are in such a good state that they are embarrassed to call her "grandma". Because, whether it is skin, body or mental state, this "fashionable grandmother" is the envy of 21-year-old young people.

I believe that friends who are enthusiastic about fashion have guessed who Yang Yang is talking about! Yes, what I want to introduce to you today is Wang Weiwei, a 71-year-old designer.

As a top designer, this Chinese designer’s wedding dress is the dream dress of many girls. When ivanka, the former first daughter of the United States, got married, she designed the dress.

But talented, she didn’t stop at wedding dress design. Recently, she released her own co-branded vodka and glasses series. What’s even more ingenious is that this product promotion was not done by famous models like other brands, but by Wang Weiwei, 71, who appeared in person. Once the photos were published, everyone was shocked.

Especially this one with no face, this jaw line, this arm and this waist, is it really a 71-year-old person?

Although the skin should be P, she is really "young" in the photo!

Black and white are extremely simple, and the amount and quality of black hair are very touching. The exaggerated sleeves make the publicity photos full of exaggeration, and can also adjust her head-to-body ratio very well. She looks gorgeous and slim, and the ultra-short hot pants show her beautiful legs completely (although platform shoes is a bit incomprehensible).

Change the top into a sports style with zipper, and add a big silver chain for decoration. She is even more energetic in a cool black suit, and the solemn black color strengthens her queen’s aura. Alas, the state of the wedding queen is really against the sky. Look at the pictures, who can believe that she is over 70 years old?

Put on white, she has the same style, the same exaggerated clothing version, the same fearless and chic off-the-shoulder, plus a pair of black-rimmed glasses to decorate her face, and she has a sense of beauty like an empty valley in Bai Baihe. This smooth shoulder line can’t catch up with many 20+ and 30+ girls!

As long as the fashion is in control, even the difficult printing can’t beat Wang Weiwei, 71. When you wear sunglasses, no one loves you! After covering her eye skin, her face feels less loose and her gas field is stronger. The sunglasses just match the printed black background. No wonder the picture is harmonious and eye-catching.

Asked why he wanted to appear as a model himself, Wang Weiwei told everyone: "Because I am most familiar with my own products, I believe no one in the world is more suitable to interpret my products than me."

With such domineering and self-confidence, it is no wonder that every set of her modeling deduction can be so shocking!

To tell the truth, this is not the first time that Wang Weiwei, an over-aged beauty, has screened the screen. Before, a wave of photos of her life also made everyone sigh that her figure and posture are really amazing.

In the photo, she uses a fluorescent green sports coat to match a light gray T-shirt and hot pants. The whole body color is gorgeous and refreshing, and the gray headscarf that echoes the color of the coat strengthens the unruly feeling of this collocation, but a pair of animal-patterned high heels on the soles of her feet makes this casual dress a little more delicate. This state, it should be believed by many people that she is in her early 30 s!

In daily life, Wang Weiwei loves to wear casual clothes, and vests and T-shirts are indispensable, which has a first-class age-reducing effect.

Moreover, she always remembers to show her thin and long legs to strengthen her figure advantage and make people forget her age.

Of course, at the age of 71, it is necessary to keep a 17-year-old figure, and proper exercise is necessary. Wang Weiwei often posts fitness photos in her own space. It seems that in order to keep a good figure and a good state, she has worked hard (but wearing high heels is not worth promoting).

Although under the high-definition lens of some media, the face of the wedding queen can inevitably see the sense of age.

But at any time, her figure, posture and clothes are super enviable.

Even with the existence of PS, this "model grandmother" who has aesthetic feeling, does not set a limit for age, and can confidently speak for her products at the age of 71 is really cool. She broadens our imagination of 70-year-old women and tells us that age is no longer the limit of women’s beauty.

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