How to play badminton well, 14 skills to help you improve.

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First, you can take any badminton. The first condition of serving is accuracy, so as long as it can stabilize the ball, any method will do. Usually, the method of holding badminton can be divided into the following two ways: gently pinch the top of the feather with your fingers, and the ball holder is downward. Or gently hold the ball above the ball holder with five fingers, and the ball holder part is downward. No matter which way you take the ball, you should always train to hit the ball in a certain position.

Second, hold and clap your hands as relaxed as possible, so as to maximize the strength of your wrist.

Third, strive to hit the ball in front of the upper body, and never let the ball fall below the neck, otherwise the return ball will have no attack power.

Four, in singles, unless the spike, never hit the ball in the opponent’s midfield, as far as possible to play two corners.

5. When hitting the ball, you must master the strength. After you can control the ball, find someone to practice hitting yourself from four corners to four corners of the opposite court, because hitting four corners can make your opponent run the farthest distance. Hit the long ball from the rear corner to the opposite rear corner, and put the ball to the front corner. Pick the opposite and rear corners from the front two corners and put the ball from the front two corners, and a total of 46 styles of play can be derived.

6. The singles serve should be as high and far as possible, the doubles serve should be short, the flight route of the ball should be close to the upper edge of the net, and the serve should be changeable.

7. In singles, first look at the opponent’s weak ball path, and then feed the opponent to push his elbow. Generally, the opponent’s playing quality depends on whether his backhand is sharp or not. If the opponent is good at all kinds of balls, it depends on the opponent’s unstable ball path, which leads to more mistakes.

Eight, before you are ready to kill the ball, lean sideways, with your left foot in front, the toes of your two feet touching the ground, and step back with a fast step, so that the hitting point is in front of your right shoulder. Because if the hitting point is lower, you can only play golf.

Nine, before killing the ball, the body leans back and basically bows, so that you can use all the strength of your body.

Ten, before killing the ball, the grip must be relaxed, and there must be a gap between the palm of your hand and the handle. This is the most important thing, because only by relaxing first can you use your strength to kill the ball, otherwise if the grip is always tight, the strength of your wrist will definitely not come out. Grasp the racket and kill the ball hard at the moment of killing the ball.

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Eleven, in a powerful forehand or backhand stroke, the body should turn to the hitting side in order to stand firm.

Twelve, for beginners, the backhand end line is usually its weak area, and attention should be paid to hitting its weakness.

Thirteen, when hitting the high ball back in the frontcourt, you should try to use spike. Spike is an important scoring method, but don’t hit the high and short ball at the baseline, which usually gives the opponent a chance to kill the ball.

Fourteen, if you are scoring, don’t change the way you play, if you are losing, you should immediately adjust your manners. If your continuous attack doesn’t work, you can hit a high ball and then find a fighter to launch an attack again.