Daotong Technology’s optical storage charging and inspection solution became the focus of the auto show, attracting US President Biden to visit.

On September 14th, President Biden of the United States appeared at the Detroit Auto Show and delivered a televised speech. In his speech, Biden announced the approval of $900 million for the bipartisan infrastructure law to build electric vehicle charging stations in 35 states. It is hoped that by 2030, 50% of all new cars sold will be electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, and 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations will be added. The United States officially pressed the engine switch of "electric vehicle" from the policy level.

It can be predicted that the electrification of automobiles will drive the synchronous development of related infrastructure. "road trip in the United States will be completely electrified, and whether you drive along the coast on I-10 highway or on I-75 highway in Michigan, the charging station will be easy to find." Biden’s speech left enough room for the charging station construction enterprises.

On the day of the auto show, Biden also specially visited Daotong Technology, a new energy high-tech enterprise from China, during which he exchanged views with the staff on product and technology issues.

Huge charging pile facilities and complex charging adaptation and management system pose great challenges to the technical maturity, systematic scheme ability and stable large-scale production capacity of charging solutions. With the four core technologies of high-efficiency fast charging technology, optical storage charging and inspection energy management technology, AI intelligent charging technology and intelligent advertising management technology, Daotong Technology is considered as a reliable supplier to build a "charging corridor". Daotong Technology, which has a digital integrated solution for diagnosis, inspection, charging and storage of new energy vehicles, is expected to become the backbone of the network construction of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States.

Recently, the White House announced a series of recent major investments by American and foreign automakers to build new battery factories and electric vehicles. The White House National Climate Adviser also said that in 2022, automakers and battery companies have announced that they will "invest 13 billion US dollars in electric vehicle manufacturing". In addition, as the United States implements stricter supervision and tightens tax credit eligibility, electric vehicle battery manufacturers are seeking to increase their production in the United States.

In the face of this huge market opportunity of "oil-to-electricity" in the United States, international enterprises with keen sense of smell have successively announced their plans to enter. China’s scientific and technological innovation enterprises are also expected to occupy an important place in the competition by virtue of their own strength and advantages. At the Detroit Auto Show, the China enterprise-Daotong Technology, which attracted President Biden’s special attention, not only launched MaxiCharger series fast-charging advertising piles, double-gun AC piles, wall-mounted DC piles, V2X and other new home commercial products, but also demonstrated for the first time new energy integration solutions such as smart energy management, smart network car pile operation, big data remote operation and maintenance, CMS advertising management, optical storage and charging inspection solutions covering more than 15 vertical industry scenarios, and home commercial solutions.

It is understood that Daotong Technology was established in 2004, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent diagnosis, detection and analysis systems and automotive electronic components. In 2020, it successfully landed in science and technology innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and in September 2021, it officially released a digital integrated solution for diagnosis, inspection, charging and storage of new energy vehicles, aiming to become a professional provider of comprehensive solutions and equipment for intelligent charging of new energy vehicles.

Chloe Hung, CEO of Autel Technologies USA, said, "Working with Detroit Auto Show, one of the most prestigious auto shows in the world, is an excellent opportunity to showcase our emerging technologies. We are looking forward to innovating the charging pile infrastructure in North America with brand-new energy products and solutions."