Juck Zhang, the aircraft "health doctor", adhered to the aviation safety defense line for ten years.

CCTV News:At the final of the 1st China Civil Aviation Maintenance Job Vocational Skills Competition in 2017, 18 final teams and 54 contestants stood out from 76 teams of 61 civil aviation maintenance units nationwide, competing on the same stage in the national competition. In the end, three players from China Eastern Airlines Technology Co., Ltd. won all three individual first prizes in the first competition with the top three overall scores, and the player with the first overall score was Juck Zhang, an employee of the inspection department of Yunnan Branch of China Eastern Airlines Technology Co., Ltd.


Fuse braiding and tempering skills

As the first national No.1 in China Civil Aviation Maintenance Job Vocational Skills Competition, Juck Zhang was not on the list of contestants at first.

After the competition date is confirmed, some players originally scheduled by China Eastern Airlines need to change their positions temporarily because the competition schedule conflicts with the course time to be trained by the public. At this time, Juck Zhang, who has won unanimous praise for his excellent work and professional quality, was ordered to join China Eastern Airlines Team 2 to compete.

In September, the preliminary contest of the national competition ended. Although Juck Zhang and his teammates successfully advanced to the final, they were not satisfied with their preliminary performance and achievements in the middle reaches.

The coach and the team members analyzed the reasons for losing points together, and compared the differences with their brother units. Everyone thought that the problem was not that they did not understand or master a certain professional operation, but the reaction speed. In the preliminary competition, the distance between the tool placement and the operation post is different from that in daily work and pre-competition training, which is much longer, which also delays the players’ time and affects the competition score.

Juck Zhang, his coach and teammates are determined to sprint the short board before the final, because this is not only related to the final ranking, but also an opportunity to force themselves to adapt to different environments and improve their maintenance ability and efficiency under different conditions. The competition is temporary, and taking this as an opportunity to temper and grow will benefit your work for a long time.

With this in mind, Juck Zhang fully cooperated with the coach’s training. Tan Xiaowei is one of the coaches. He has participated in the American International Skills Competition and has rich experience. According to the feedback from the preliminary competition, he asked Juck Zhang and other team members to put the tools farther away than the competition, so as to strictly test the efficiency of collecting tools and carrying out maintenance operations.

In order to further "force" himself to improve his proficiency, Juck Zhang also practiced knitting fuses blindfolded, or tied his wrists and practiced knitting fuses with his fingers, according to the coach’s requirements. This seemingly harsh and extreme training environment is just a very effective sprint means to force skilled operation skills and deepen muscle memory.

In this way, Juck Zhang trained over and over again, and then asked the coach to comment over and over again. Although he gave the coach the nickname "Devil Coach" half-jokingly, his men were still unambiguous.

On the day of the competition on November 21st, the "Devil Coach" forced the efficiency to be not in vain, and Juck Zhang became an instant hit, winning the first prize with his excellent professional performance and first-class operation efficiency, which made him the best in the whole game.

Ten years of persistence and ingenuity

Aircraft maintenance is a behind-the-scenes job of civil aviation security, and it is also the key basic link of civil aviation production and operation. As the "health doctors" of aircraft, the aircraft maintenance team is a main force in practicing the craftsman spirit of civil aviation, and the aircraft maintenance personnel are the goalkeepers who stick to the safety and airworthiness defense line.

In 2007, 22-year-old Juck Zhang graduated from Nanchang Hangkong University, majoring in aircraft design and engineering, and joined Kunming Maintenance Base of China Eastern Airlines to engage in maintenance work. After pre-job training, he was assigned to the flight control group of the scheduled inspection department, where he has been engaged in aircraft maintenance until today.

This job makes Juck Zhang, who loves his major and airplanes, full of happiness-"He can directly contact the airplane when he is working as a mechanic, and he can directly dismantle the airplane, which is the closest to the airplane and the closest to the airplane". While enjoying his love, Juck Zhang didn’t forget another heavy connotation in his work-responsibility.

From 2007 to 2017, Juck Zhang devoted himself to studying regulations, studying technology, accumulating experience and sorting out his experience in his post. Although the outside world is colorful, in his mind, the most wonderful thing is always the maintenance post he stuck to.

In 2008, Juck Zhang won the outstanding new employee of China Eastern Airlines; In October 2016, he won the third member of the civil aviation vocational skills competition group and the third place of two individuals in the China Skills Competition; In December, 2016, he participated in the skill competition of Yunnan civil aviation jurisdiction and won the first prize of the group … … An honor is a quiet record of Juck Zhang’s ten-year maintenance work.

"The biggest gain from participating in this competition is that I have experienced a spiritual sublimation. This result convinced me not to cling to temporary gains, but to be normal. In the future, I will continue to strive for perfection in my own profession. I believe that as long as I work hard, there will always be good luck waiting for me ahead. " Juck Zhang said.

The contest has ended, but the ingenuity of the civil aviation crew continues. (Source: China Eastern Airlines Group)