The director of the French Film Festival "Tribute to Wang Xiaoshuai" promoted Roy’s new film on the spot.

Asian International Film Festival "Tribute to Wang Xiaoshuai" Unit

1905 movie network news On February 6th, local time, the 24th Festival International Desciné mas d ‘ASIE ended grandly in the eastern French city of Ousule. Wang Xiaoshuai, director of China, was invited as the chairman of the jury of the film festival, and was awarded the lifetime achievement award of the film festival — — Golden Circle Award of Honor.

It is worth mentioning that in order to pay tribute to director Wang Xiaoshuai’s efforts to record contemporary China with images over the past twenty years, the film festival specially planned a screening session with the theme of "Salute to Wang Xiaoshuai", and for the first time, all its feature films were sorted out and screened. As the oldest Asian film festival in Europe, this screening unit attracted audiences from France, Switzerland and other countries, and it was packed.

Wang Xiaoshuai won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Asian Film Festival — — Golden circle award of honor

Wang Xiaoshuai won the lifetime achievement award and won international recognition again.

Founded in 1995, Vosule Asia International Film Festival in France was held between Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Netherlands and Berlin International Film Festival. It is the only film festival in Europe that specializes in introducing Asian films. There are not only China directors such as Hou Xiaoxian, Zhang Yimou and Jia Zhangke, but also many well-known Asian directors such as South Korean director Jin Jide, Iraqi director Abbas Fahdel and Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa who have shown here and won prizes. Film excerpts involve countries from the Middle East to the Far East, covering the whole Asian continent geographically, which has played an extremely important role in promoting Asian film culture, and its awards are a direct affirmation of the recognition of Asian films and directors in Europe. Wu Tianming, a well-known director in China, also won the lifetime achievement award of this film festival.

Wang Xiaoshuai said that he should persist in creating films with social responsibility.

At this year’s Wosule Asian Film Festival, China director Wang Chao, Iranian director Ebrahim Mokhtari and Japanese director Morigaki Yukihiro will all participate in the selection of competition units. As the chairman of the jury, Wang Xiaoshuai is sincerely pleased with the authenticity and diversity of Asian films.

In addition, Wang Xiaoshuai, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award of this film festival, explained his creative idea as a director: "From the first work to today, following the pulse of China society, it is my consistent creative idea to insist on creating films that reflect our life and times and have social responsibility." 

The exhibition of Wang Xiaoshuai’s whole works has attracted much attention, and his creative ideas are consistent.

The screening session of "Tribute to Wang Xiaoshuai" in this film festival shows 12 important works of Wang Xiaoshuai’s past directorial career, including works such as,,, and so on. This is also the first exhibition of director Wang Xiaoshuai’s works in the world, which has attracted strong attention from the live media and audience. The French media commented: "Wosule Asian International Film Festival … … Introduce works like archives that can record the characteristics of time and space by artistic means to the audience. This is a supplement to the film market dominated by mainstream commercial films and mainstream ideological films around the world, avoiding the monopoly of value orientation as much as possible, so that reflective films can get due respect in a pluralistic framework. In this sense, Wang Xiaoshuai’s films are a good example of people’s interest in the Wosule Asian Film Festival.

Director Wang Xiaoshuai and film festival organizer Mr. Therouin.

In an interview with the media behind the scenes, Director Wang Xiaoshuai said that the harvest of this film festival far exceeded expectations, which made the theater in this small European town full of more than 300 people, very surprised and moved. Referring to the new works, the new page of Wang Xiaoshuai’s film poems will also give a comprehensive perspective of contemporary China, and he wants to continue to write new images of contemporary China society and humanities through a brand-new series of works.

Previously, the film has been successfully completed. After the retrospective exhibition of the film works of this Asian International Film Festival, the film screening directed by Wang Xiaoshuai will also be launched in China one after another. And "Forever" will try from the relationship between man and space to explore the relationship between man and time. Roy, a new generation actor, also made fans and fans have more expectations for this film.