Guoxiong Capital Yao Shangkun: There are two or three leading enterprises left in the artificial intelligence industry.

  China Securities Network News (Reporter Luo Maolin) In recent years, the digital economy marked by digital transformation has developed rapidly, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. A few days ago, Yao Shangkun, chairman of Guoxiong Capital, said that although the artificial intelligence industry is very lively at present, only those enterprises with real scientific and technological content can stand out in the next few years. Those enterprises that only pursue short-term benefits may face market elimination. In this industry, there will only be two or three leading enterprises left in the end.

  Yao Shangkun said that the investment strategy of Guoxiong Capital is more inclined to the early stage of enterprise investment. Especially in the frontier science and technology fields such as hard technology, black technology and deep technology, Guoxiong Capital will actively seek and invest in enterprises that actively promote digital transformation and effectively solve key core problems.

  When talking about the future investment trend, Yao Shangkun is optimistic about the huge development potential in the field of artificial intelligence. He believes that a moderate bubble is a normal phenomenon because it also represents the vitality and heat of the market. But more importantly, promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and traditional industries will be the key to future development. He further pointed out that data will become the most valuable resource, the digital economy is starting, and data security issues are particularly important, bringing broad prospects for the field of data security.

  Regarding the future trend of AI big model, Yao Shangkun said that 2024 is the first year of application of big model, and China can take the road of development with China characteristics. He suggested that with the help of industry and scene advantages, combined with business processes and product functions, multi-scene application, verticalization and industrialization should be realized to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity.