How does artificial intelligence pass the "language barrier"? Experts look forward to the development of artificial intelligence

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 23rd (Reporter Dong Ruifeng) What happens when you throw a stone into the water? Artificial intelligence can defeat the Go master, but it will be stumped by such a simple question — — The processing of natural language is still a difficult problem to be solved.

  At the 2nd Language and Intelligence Summit Forum held in Beijing on 23rd, industry experts discussed how artificial intelligence can break through natural language processing, and at the same time showed the public the innovative achievements in the field of language intelligence.

  "Natural language processing is the core issue of current artificial intelligence research." Du Zide, Secretary-General of china computer federation, said that linguistic intelligence is the "crown jewel" of artificial intelligence. If linguistic intelligence breaks through, the knowledge and reasoning which belong to cognitive intelligence will be greatly developed, thus promoting the progress of the whole artificial intelligence system.

  "Natural language is imprecise, and there are too many meanings behind the literal, which is why natural language processing is so difficult." Liu Bing, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said at the forum that if natural language processing wants to break through, it needs to make a paradigm change.

  "Turing test" is recognized as an experiment to test whether computers are intelligent. In this experiment, questions and answers between people and computers are conducted through natural language. Gao Wen, an academician of China Academy of Engineering and Professor Peking University, further proposed in the forum report that Turing test should be extended to interactive question-and-answer of visual content, in other words, how to define and design Turing visual test and how to promote the evolution of artificial intelligence on this basis.

  The forum was co-sponsored by china computer federation and China Chinese Information Society. Zhao Dongyan, secretary-general of the china computer federation Chinese Information Technology Committee, said that the forum aims to achieve three goals: to discuss the core technical issues of natural language processing; Promote Industry-University-Research interaction; Increase the display of the research field of language intelligence, and provide a display platform for scholars and innovative technology enterprises.

  Artificial intelligence is one of the core driving forces of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. In recent years, from smart homes and smart cars to robot nannies and AlphaGo, which can play Go, the potential of artificial intelligence has become more and more familiar to the public. China’s first national artificial intelligence development plan — — The "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" has raised the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence to the national strategic level.