China’s smallest backpacker: hiking more than half of China challenges Lop Nur in September.

  Dark skin, short hair, carrying a big schoolbag, holding a sign of hitchhiking.

  Last June, Wenwen, a 4-year-old runaway girl, was so popular.

  Wen Wen, who is known as "the smallest backpacker in China", comes from Shangrao, Jiangxi, and has been hiking with her parents for more than half of China.

  Without going to kindergarten and challenging the Sichuan-Tibet line, "tiger dad education" once caused controversy, but "tiger dad" Pan Tufeng still carried out his educational philosophy to the end.

  On April 6, Pan Tufeng brought Wenwen to Chengdu again. In a few days, they will go to Laos and cross the virgin forest. This time, Bai Ru, the eldest son in the second grade of primary school, also wanted to go with him, and specially asked the school for nearly two months’ leave.

  In September, Pan Tufeng also plans to take Wen Wen and Bai Ru to challenge Lop Nur, the "sea of death".

  Why not go to Wan Li Road to study in thousands of books? This year, what remarkable growth has Wenwen made after her hiking experience?


  Don’t cry when you are in trouble

  Take the initiative to put the garbage on the road into the dustbin.

  On April 7th, the temperature in Chengdu jumped to 20℃.

  In a youth hostel near Chunxi Road, Wenwen wore a pink long-sleeved dress and played with her brother.

  Compared with last year, Wenwen looks like a "lady" although her skin is still dark, her hair is longer and she has a pigtail.

  Before this trip, Pan Tufeng intended to let Wenwen cut her hair, which was more convenient, but Wenwen refused. "Don’t cut your hair."

  At the end of July last year, the trip to Sichuan-Tibet line was completed half a month ahead of schedule. After arriving in Lhasa, Pan Tufeng and his wife Yuan Duan made a temporary decision and decided to go hiking in Nepal. After that, they went to South Asia.

  In Nepal, Wenwen walked across the Himalayas and experienced paragliding. "Other children have seen the Himalayas from books and TV. Wenwen walked by herself and saw it with her own eyes. The feeling is definitely different." Pan Tufeng said.

  Wen Wen doesn’t seem to have much impression on this experience. She didn’t know where Nepal was, but asked if it was fun to fly in the sky by paraglider. She blinked and nodded.

  "Many people say that children are still so young that they won’t remember where to go in the future. I feel that those beautiful scenery can be perceived by them, and the fatigue of the journey can also exercise their adaptability. " Pan Tufeng said.

  Yuan Duan is also very satisfied with her daughter’s changes in the past year. "My body is getting better and better. I won’t cry when I encounter difficulties. I will take the initiative to do housework and put the garbage on the road into the garbage bin."

  grow up

  Climbing waste rocks and baking sweet potatoes

  Playing at home is also "training"

  In ten months, Wenwen spent most of her time on the road. Even at home, she is receiving "training".

  At home in Shangrao, Jiangxi, there is no TV or computer.

  Next to home, a pile of waste rocks left by construction has become a "paradise" for Wenwen and her brother. When she is bored, Wenwen climbs over and over again.

  Pan Tufeng never stopped. "I confirmed that it was safe." This is not just playing, but also training for later hiking — — Practice primary climbing mountains and mountains in play.

  Some time ago, Wenwen and her brother Bai Ru wanted to eat baked sweet potatoes, so Pan Tufeng took them to bake them themselves, from collecting firewood up the mountain to making a fire to baking them. "It doesn’t burn in the first few times, but it will be practiced a few more times. The brothers and sisters cooperate very tacitly." Pan Tufeng believes that the two children have good hands-on ability and there is no problem in surviving in the wild.

  insist on

  Keep your daughter out of kindergarten.

  My son in elementary school also asked for leave to go hiking.

  "I’m not going to let her go to kindergarten." Since Wenwen became famous as "the smallest backpacker in China", Pan Tufeng’s "tiger-dad education" has also caused controversy, but he still insists on his own ideas.

  On April 6, this was the day of school, and Bai Ru, the eldest son in the second grade of primary school, followed Pan Tufeng to Chengdu. In a few days, they will go to Laos and start an exploration of the virgin forest. "I have taken 50 days off from school."

  It is not the first time for Bai Ru to ask for leave. "I didn’t attend class for half the time last semester, and I didn’t take part in the final exam. I followed us to the wild, but I invited them for several days. This time it was a little longer." Pan Tufeng said.

  Last month, in the unit exam, Bai Ru got 99 points in math and only 89 points in Chinese. Pan Tufeng is not worried about this achievement. "When he was in the first grade, he didn’t know anything. Now he is slowly catching up, and his grades will only get better and better."

  Why do you have such confidence? Pan Tufeng said that everything in books comes from life and nature. "They learn through their eyes and personal experience, and the effect is definitely different."

  On this trip, Pan Tufeng brought a magnifying glass, because Bai Rugang just learned that he can use a magnifying glass to make a fire. "It’s just an opportunity to let him feel it." He also intends to let the local people teach the children how to use the sun and shadow to identify the direction. "I only learned the compass in class."


  I plan to challenge Lop Nur in September.

  "Let them feel the lack of water resources"

  After Wenwen’s hiking on the Sichuan-Tibet line was reported by the media, a father in Hangzhou, Mr. Liu, contacted Pan Tufeng through the media. His daughter is about the same age as Wenwen, hoping to take her children out to experience the experience. The two agreed to meet in Kunming and then go to South Asia.

  In Kunming, Mr. Liu met a China who was doing business in Laos. The other party told him that it was not safe there, and there were basically no trains. If anything happened, there would be no quick means of transportation. Finally, Mr. Liu gave up.

  For the father’s decision, Pan Tufeng expressed his understanding. "They have considered more, and everyone’s educational philosophy is different." Since Wenwen was one year old and three months old, Pan Tufeng has been taking her everywhere, and she is looking for remote places. "Let her feel the simple folk customs and hard environment, and exercise her will and physical strength."

  For Pan Tufeng, his greatest expectation for children is to be able to adapt to various harsh environments. On a map of China at home, many small red flags were painted. This is the place where they walked. It is located in Lop Nur in the southeast of Xinjiang, but it is painted with a circle. "In September, we are going there." At that time, Bai Ru, who should be in the third grade, will also drop out of school.

  Lop Nur, known as the "sea of death", is a Gobi no man’s land full of unknowns and dangers. This time, Pan Tufeng’s plan was strongly opposed by relatives and friends.

  "The plateau has also gone, the seaside has also gone, and the desert has not been there. I want them to see it, adapt to the desert climate, and let them feel the lack of water resources and know how to save water." Pan Tufeng has made up his mind. "I am already doing a raiders, and there will be a supply truck to follow, and I will not make fun of my child’s life."

  Fame and fortune?

  Reject sponsors but not exclude the media

  "This is already a question of social responsibility."

  Some people agree with Pan Tufeng’s educational methods, while others oppose them. After the trip to Sichuan-Tibet Line, Pan Tufeng took Wenwen to Beijing and Changsha to record TV programs. Some people began to question that he used such an "extreme" educational method to make himself famous or have ulterior motives.

  At present, the family runs an online shop selling honey. "A year’s income can basically provide us with hiking." Pan Tufeng doesn’t shy away from Wenwen’s title of "the smallest backpacker in China". "Business is a little hot."

  After Wenwen became famous, some sponsors contacted them. "There are outdoor sports and educational institutions, but I have pushed them away." Pan Tufeng believes that although hiking needs financial support, once there are sponsors, "it will limit many things, so we may not be able to take them wherever we want, and we are worried that it will deviate from our original intention."

  However, Pan Tufeng does not exclude media interviews, and he often forwards reports or comments about Wenwen in his circle of friends. "In fact, up to now, I think this is a question of social responsibility. We want to tell you through our own experience that many times, it is not children who can’t, but adults who don’t give them opportunities."