Attention! These "good habits" you think may not be able to keep fit.

  With more and more people paying attention to health care, health care has become a hot topic in people’s spare time. Are all the legendary health preserving methods true?

  The effect of grinding whole grains into powder is greatly reduced

  Whole grains are good things in themselves. Eating them often is helpful to health and can prevent many diseases. For example, millet can remove heat and tonify deficiency, and open the stomach; Soybeans can moisten dryness and eliminate water, prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the spleen; Walnut can strengthen the brain, improve intelligence and lower cholesterol, but if these grains are ground into powder and eaten, their effect will be greatly reduced, because the dietary fiber is gone, and only starch and sugar are left. Although they are all grains, the health care effect is very different.

  Drinking porridge every day can’t meet the body’s demand for nutrients.

  Everyone knows that drinking porridge helps digestion and promotes nutrient absorption. But it is not suitable for drinking every day, because porridge is low in fat, salt and sugar, which can not meet the body’s demand for nutrients. At the same time, if you observe carefully, you will find that people who drink porridge three times a day are often weak. For example, patients in hospitals often drink porridge every day, and when their health improves, doctors will suggest improving their diet.

  It is easy to cause metabolic disorder by keeping in good health.

  Keeping in good health means not eating grains, meat, eggs, etc., and only drinking water and taking glucose instead of three meals, which is called a health care method that can better "clean up the stomach". I don’t know that such a health care method does not conform to the physiological laws of the human body. If it is done for a long time, it will lead to metabolic disorders and diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcer.

  Drinking 8 cups of 200ML water every day is a little too much.

  Just drink a proper amount of water every day. If you drink it according to hard indicators, too much water in your body will accumulate in your body, which will increase the burden on your spleen, lead to dysfunction of your spleen and stomach, imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, and make people feel bloated and sleepy. Seriously, it will also cause many cystic diseases, such as liver cysts, kidney cysts, ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, etc. Therefore, although drinking water is beneficial to the body, it is not the more the better.

  Walking 20,000 steps every day will cause physical harm.

  Although walking is good for your health, the effect of excessive use is different. Walking too much will become overwork and bring harm to the body, the most obvious of which is synovitis and effusion in the knee joint, which will also lead to thigh fracture.

  Eating more vitamins is not necessarily good for your health.

  There are many kinds of vitamins with different functions, among which vitamin C and vitamin E are common, although vitamins can play an auxiliary therapeutic effect on some diseases. But vitamins are not everything, and the more you eat, the better. In this regard, some experts said that if the body itself is not short of vitamins, it is also a waste to eat vitamins no matter what kind of diseases it suffers from, and it is a burden on the body. Excessive vitamin content in the body will cause new diseases, such as urinary calculi and accelerated arteriosclerosis. (Reporter Li Yuan)