Huiji District of Zhengzhou responded that "the school forces parents to take turns to stand guard and affect their work": there are many solutions.

  Recently, some netizens commented on the message board of People’s Daily Online that "Luyuan Experimental Primary School in Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province forces parents to take turns to be on duty, and they can’t be absent from duty. The arranged standing time just coincides with the work point, which means that parents have to take a day off (fake) to stand guard."

  In this regard, Huiji District replied on June 25 that "the safety of children’s schooling is a matter of great concern to every parent, and the school arranges duty for the consideration of being responsible for children. Everyone takes turns to stand guard, and the time taken up by you in one semester is limited. Not only the school where your child attends, but also schools in other districts have similar regulations. If all parents don’t want to pay but just want to enjoy the convenience brought by other parents, is it unfair? "

  Huiji District also mentioned in the reply, "The school also said that it can be adjusted privately, and family members can also participate in it, or take a short vacation. There are many solutions."

  On July 13th, the staff of Huiji District Education Bureau told The Paper ( that the school’s request for parents to be on duty should be organized by the school, not requested by the Education Bureau.

  According to public information, Luyuan Experimental Primary School is a public school, located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Luyuan Road and Huifeng Street. The school covers an area of 14,108 square meters (21.13 mu) and has fixed assets of more than 30 million yuan.

  The Paper noted that there have been many precedents in many parts of the country for primary schools to require parents to take turns to stand guard, which has repeatedly aroused public concern.

  For example, in May 2023, a complaint message that "a school requires parents to take turns to stand guard and be on duty" in Jingyan County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province triggered a heated discussion. The content of the complaint thinks that the requirements of the school are too much. "Students are in the charge of the school during school. If parents need to help occasionally, it is ok, but according to the same schedule as going to work, how can parents work and live?"

  In response, the Jingyan County Education Bureau responded that the main task of the "school-nursing post" established in the county since 2019 is to maintain public order and road traffic order in areas where students are easy to gather outside the school gate during school hours. The scope of implementation includes all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Jingyan County. The response also said that "there is nothing wrong with this behavior. If parents do have something to delay, they can communicate with the school in time."

  The local media in Henan had previously reported that parents of students were asked to stand guard in turn.

  According to a report by Henan Business Daily in October 2018, the experimental primary school of Zhengzhou University arranged a duty watch for each parent at the school gate to direct traffic, four times a day. Some parents reported that such an arrangement made them "breathless". The Education Bureau of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone responded that the traffic duty around the school is indeed the responsibility of the school, and each school can choose different management methods, but it is not allowed to force parents to be on duty. A person in charge of the experimental primary school office of Zhengzhou University explained that for the sake of children’s safety, the school’s joint family Committee recruited parents volunteers, plus the school duty teacher and security guards to work together, and parents’ participation in duty was voluntary.