Can Chinese billiards "clear the table with one shot" when it enters the Olympics?

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, December 6 (Reporter Wang Haoming, Zhao Ziyu) In the blooming season of exotic kapok, a special party was held in Guangzhou, the flower city. Two elderly people over 60 years old clasped their hands and smiled like flowers. They met-"Welcome 2032 with healthy bodies!"

This is an agreement between Qiao Yuanxu, founder and chairman of Qiao’s Sports Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ian Anderson, former chairman of the World Association of Pooling (WPA). The 2032 Olympic Games will be held in Brisbane, Australia, Anderson’s hometown. They want Chinese billiards to enter the Olympic Games.

The picture shows the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of interviewee

A few days ago, Qinhuangdao Qiaoshi Sports Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with WPA. The two sides plan to carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in the promotion of international Chinese billiards events with the theme of "from China, Pratt & Whitney World" to jointly promote Chinese billiards to enter the Olympic Games.

"If the dream of marching into the Olympics is realized, it will be a great event comparable to Genesis for the billiards industry. I very much hope that I can witness the exciting moment in my hometown Brisbane. I met Joe, and we all lived healthily and witnessed that unforgettable moment together. " Anderson said.

In fact, billiards’ entry into the Olympic Games is not a brand-new topic. Billiards’ entry into the Olympic Games began decades ago.

According to Jorgen Sandeman, secretary general of WPA, WPA was established in 1987, and it is a single international association organization affiliated to the World Billiards Federation (WCBS). In 1990, the first world billiards championship was held, and in 1998, WCBS was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In 2015, billiards officially hit the Olympic Games for the first time-the World Billiards Sports Federation submitted a tender to the Japanese Olympic Committee, and applied for billiards (snooker, Sanku Kailun and Jiuqiu) to become one of the events of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, but in the end billiards failed to be selected.

On April 5th, China’s Zheng Yubo was in the global finals of the 11th Chinese billiards international masters. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shizhen photo

Why was Chinese billiards chosen as the event that hit the Olympic Games this time?

Experts in the industry believe that snooker and American billiards have relatively mature professional competition systems, perfect markets and high incomes of top players, but they also have "hard injuries" when they enter the Olympic Games. Take snooker as an example, although their professional competition systems are perfect, professional players are mainly concentrated in Britain and China, and amateur competitions have not yet formed a global unified and complete system.

Qiao Yuanxu said that American billiards is developed on the basis of English snooker, and Chinese style combines the advantages of American and English, representing a new billiards sport and bringing greater development prospects for it.

"Through the full cooperation with international associations, Chinese billiards has become one of the four largest billiards sports in the world and successfully entered the 2025 Chengdu World Games. In the future, Chinese billiards will also seek to enter the Southeast Asian Games and the Qatar Asian Games in 2030, paving the way for entering the Olympic Games. " He said.

On April 2nd, British player Chris Merlin won the third round of the fourth stage of the 11th Chinese Billiards International Masters Global Finals. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shizhen photo

According to the cooperation framework between Qiao’s and WPA, Qiao will invest more than 6 million US dollars in the event fund in the next three years to support the hosting of a number of international-level events and lay the foundation for entering the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games. It mainly includes: Chinese Billiards World Championship, Chinese Billiards King Championship, and Chinese Billiards Asian, European, American, African and Oceania Open. It is worth mentioning that, as the focus of cooperation, it is also planned to hold the peak event of Chinese billiards-Chinese billiards World Cup every four years. At present, entering the 2032 Olympic Games will bring both challenges and opportunities to Chinese billiards, and efforts are still needed in building the competition system, cultivating young talents and popularizing the world.

In fact, the Olympic Games need fresh blood, especially sports that can attract young people to join. In the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, break dancing will usher in the first show of the Olympic Games. In the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, five ball games, baseball and softball, cricket, squash and flag football, will be unveiled.

As a roadmap for the reform of the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 put forward that the Olympic events should be more flexible, innovative, sustainable and pay more attention to gender equality. As a result, the International Olympic Committee decided in 2014 that the Olympic events are no longer limited to 28 major events, and the host country can flexibly determine according to its own situation; In addition to the 28 original Olympic sports, there are 3 to 5 new temporary events, and the new events can be both events that have appeared in the Olympic Games and brand-new events.

On April 3rd, Tang Chunxiao was the winner of the 11th Chinese Billiards International Masters Global Finals. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shizhen photo

Under this framework, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and the 2026 Milan-Corthie Natampezzo Winter Olympics have all added new events at the proposal of the host, which is perhaps the biggest reason why Chinese billiards are optimistic about entering the Olympic Games.

"Today, I must admit that this moment is the closest we have ever come to the Olympic dream. I was born an optimist and will never give up hope. I am very honored to be a part of promoting Chinese billiards into the Olympic cause. " Sandeman said.

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