Heilongjiang cultural tourism photography exhibition shows "good scenery in the north"

Heilongjiang cultural tourism photography exhibition shows "good scenery in the north"

  Harbin, China, March 17 (Reporter Wang Lin) On the 16th, the 2019 Heilongjiang Cultural Tourism Photography Exhibition was held in Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower Square. The two-day exhibition is divided into five major themes, displaying 500 masterpieces of photography, showing tourism scenery with photography art and reflecting the integrated development of culture and tourism.

  This photo exhibition is hosted by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Heilongjiang Province, and co-organized by the Heilongjiang Folk Photography Association, the municipal (local) cultural (sports) radio, film and television and tourism bureaus. It is the first large-scale activity in the "first year of cultural and tourism integration" in Heilongjiang Province. At the scene, Chinese and foreign tourists who took photos gathered in front of the selfie wall of "The scenery in the north is good, all in Heilongjiang".

  Since February 1st, the solicitation for sea election has been launched, more than 8,000 photographs submitted by more than 400 photographers from all over China have been collected. After the selection of experts from the organizing committee of the competition, 500 photographic works were divided into five exhibition areas for public display.

  Among them, the "Northland Spring" exhibition area focuses on the spring beauty of the melting of ice and snow in Heilongjiang and the return of birds to their nests; The "Summer Resort" exhibition area highlights the ecological resources such as forests, wetlands and lakes in Heilongjiang; The "Wuhua Mountain Colors" exhibition area mainly displays the natural scenery of Wuhua Mountain Colors in autumn in Heilongjiang and the beautiful scene of agricultural harvest; The "crown of ice and snow" exhibition area focuses on the world-famous ice and snow tourism resources in Heilongjiang; The "Humanities and Arts" exhibition area displays the unique charm of Heilongjiang’s local customs and historical culture.

  In this photo contest, 10 gold medals, 20 silver medals, 30 bronze medals and 440 finalists were selected, and the winning photographers were awarded corresponding prizes. The winning 500 works were certified by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. In addition, it is reported that all the outstanding photographic works collected in this activity will be saved in the Heilongjiang Provincial Cultural Tourism Resource Database, which will play an important role in the Heilongjiang Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference and marketing activities in all parts of China.