"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  "Look! Here we go. "

  "The speed of sliding is so fast."

  "It feels so good to fly."

  At the end of the National Alpine Ski Center.

  Several coaches lead a group of children.

  Practice skiing on a gentle snow slope

  Not far away is the competition trail of the National Alpine Skiing Championships.

  After practice, the children

  You can also enjoy the wonderful performance of the athletes.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  National Alpine Skiing Center in Yanqing, Beijing

  Also known as "Snow Swallow"

  Since the new year, competitions have continued.

  International Snow Federation Alpine Skiing Far East Cup Yanqing Station

  Closing on January 11th.

  More than 70 athletes from China and Japan.

  Participate in downhill and super giant slalom events.

  China players gain 2 gold and 5 bronze medals.

  I found the state of the game and improved my confidence.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  right after

  National Alpine Skiing Championships

  Officially kicked off on January 14th.

  The competition lasted until the 20th.

  Set up downhill, slewing, super slalom and other items.

  Attract about 170 players to participate in adult and youth competitions.

  The result of the competition will determine whether the athletes can get it.

  Admission ticket for the 14th National Winter Games.

  "Fourteen Winter" Alpine Skiing Competition

  It will also be held from the end of January to the beginning of February

  Continue to be held in "Snow Swallow"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Zhang Yuying, who won a bronze medal in Yanqing Station of Alpine Skiing Far East Cup.

  Won the women’s all-around competition in the National Alpine Skiing Championships as expected.

  She expressed satisfaction with her performance.

  And strive to achieve better results in the next competition.

  Winter Olympics standard track

  World-class venues and facilities

  And careful competition organization and service guarantee.

  Impressed the contestants.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Tang Honglang, leader of the Beijing Alpine Ski Team, said

  "Snow Swallow" has the top snow trails and supporting facilities in China.

  High-standard track can promote the development of alpine skiing.

  Let more athletes get experience and grow rapidly.

  Beijing team is a young team.

  Players from both adult and youth groups take part in the competition with a learning attitude.

  Do one’s best

  Strive for the qualification of the "Fourteen Winter"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  "In the past, most Chinese skiers went abroad for training.

  Now they have come to Yanqing to train in’ Snow Swallow’. "

  Liu Qianxun, deputy director of the Yanqing District Sports Bureau in Beijing, believes that

  Excellent venue conditions help to improve athletes’ competitive level.


  A number of young talents in alpine skiing have emerged in China.

  The future will shine on a bigger stage.

  Yanqing District will also continue to strengthen the construction of youth ice and snow teams.

  Through ice and snow events

  Further enhance Yanqing’s international popularity.

  Help the development of ice and snow sports and sports industry.

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  During the various events hosted by "Snow Swallow"

  Yanqing Olympic Park is open normally.

  Release the opening plan of Volkswagen Snow Trail in advance during the Games.

  Promote the "Games+Tourism" model.

  Let the track and Volkswagen Snow Road complement each other.

  Attract ice and snow sports enthusiasts to punch in the Winter Olympics venues.

  Not only can you watch the game

  You can go into battle in person.

  Enjoy your own "speed and passion"

"Snow Flying Swallow" Ski Watching Competition "Two Incorrect"

  Yanqing Olympic Park is covered with "Snow Flying Swallows"

  National snowmobile sled center "Snow Youlong" and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village

  Since it was opened to the public on April 29th, 2022.

  It has received nearly 400,000 tourists.

  Yanqing District plans to build Yanqing Olympic Park in 2024.

  And the ice project training base

  Linkage of snow and ice resources such as Shi Jinglong Ski Resort

  Run high-level events and mass events of snowmobile, sledge and alpine skiing well.

  Provide high-quality venues and supporting services for ice and snow lovers

  Polishing the "Golden Business Card" of Ice and Snow in the "Most Beautiful Winter Olympic City"

  Reporter: Li Chunyu.

  Photo: Rong Media Center in Yanqing District, Beijing

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