The whole circle of friends went skiing? A 3-minute "Tao" Guide for Beginners

Do you love skiing this winter?

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Slogan of "300 million people on ice and snow"

Let all China completely "burn" this winter.

Many people feel the charm of skiing for the first time.

By this dopamine and adrenaline

Sports "planting grass hard"

Do you know why skiing makes people want to stop?

Is it difficult to get started skiing?

It is rumored that "the end of the snow trail is orthopedics". Is skiing really easy to get hurt? What preparations need to be made?

Before rushing to the snowy road, you can gain more fun by knowing some skiing knowledge ABC!

Why does skiing make people happy?

The unique charm of skiing is that it is a kind of sport that will instantly lose weight from a height.

From a scientific point of view, the secretion of endorphins in our brain will increase during exercise, which will make us feel euphoric and happy, so endorphins are also called "pleasure hormones".

In addition to the benefits of general exercise, skiing brings rapid secretion of dopamine and adrenaline due to speed and weightlessness, which makes people’s heart beat faster and excited, and brings people happiness and satisfaction.

Dopamine also has the function of eliminating fatigue and inhibiting depression, so skiing is not easy to feel tired and bored, which is the secret of skiing’s addiction.

Does skiing hurt people?

Yes, exciting sports are often accompanied by danger. According to ISSS statistics, among all sports, skiing is indeed a kind of sports injury, especially in the knees and wrists, and snowboarding is more likely to be injured than snowboarding.

But don’t back down in a hurry! In fact, skiing is a highly technical sport, and many people, as the "little white" who first climbed the snowy road, mostly fell because they didn’t understand it.

According to statistical analysis, the causes of skiing injuries are not only the technical and psychological factors of skiers, but also the climatic factors. In fact, most of the injuries can be avoided as long as the general skiers are fully prepared and have a good sense of safety!

The sources of skiing injuries are mainly divided into the following categories:

Incorrect skiing posture leads to ligament or muscle injury when falling.

The novice can’t control the speed and direction well, and the collision caused by too fast speed.

If you don’t hit people, people will hit you, and you may be scratched by skis and poles.

Safety reading before going up the snowy road.

If you want to ski safely and have fun, the most important thing is to start from ourselves:

Wear protective gear and do stretching and warm-up for 2-5 minutes before starting skating.

The first step in skiing: learn to fall! Expert’s experience: If you are going to fall, then go and fall with the trend. Don’t compete, it is particularly easy to get hurt.

Do what you can and don’t do things beyond your level. (e.g. descending steep slope, high-speed dash, jumping platform, etc.)

Pay attention to the front, back, left and right at any time like driving, and be sure to take a look at whether there is anyone behind you when changing lanes. Don’t stand still in the snowy road. If you don’t slide, move to the edge of the snowy road in time.

Skiing ABC

What should novices prepare before going on the snowy road? Here is a summary for you. Come and have a look.

How to choose the right snowboard for you

According to the use of skis, skiing can be divided into snowboarding and snowboarding.

In general, we should choose a snowboard with a height minus 5~15cm. Beginners choose shorter skis, which are more flexible and easier to control; The longer the skis, the faster the speed.

Compared with snowboarding, snowboarding is close to the category of extreme sports. Unless you already have a certain skiing foundation, it is recommended not to try snowboarding rashly.

How to choose a suitable ski resort for you?

In different venues, the difficulty of skiing is also very different. From easy to difficult, it can be divided into:

Volkswagen ski resort

cross-country skiing

Alpine skiing (professional level)

U-pool ski jumping (professional level)

Adventure skiing (professional level)

A beginner-friendly ski resort is like this:

Sloping slope

The snow trail is not long, and the sliding time is short.

Don’t be too high in the snow field. The low oxygen content in the mountain air will affect the body function.

Choose sunny days, and sports injuries are more likely to occur when the snow field temperature is low and the weather is bad.

What equipment do you need to prepare before skiing?

The secret of happy skiing

Step 1: Know your level.

"I am a sports white, how can I start skiing?"

"What should people who have exercise habits but have never skied pay attention to?"

When you come into contact with any new sport, you should pay attention to step by step, and skiing is the same! Don’t be like the news a few days ago that a novice skier rashly challenged a trail that didn’t suit her and broke her bones.

Don’t rush to pursue speed and high excitement when you first go on the snowy road. Start from the basic movements and give the body a process of gradually establishing "muscle memory".

Step 2: Do you want to hire a coach?

Once again, skiing is a dangerous sport with certain technical requirements. If you can’t turn and brake for the first time, you will lose your confidence before you really appreciate the fun of skiing. In fact, it is not worth the candle.

Therefore, if economic conditions permit, it is recommended to start the introductory stage under the guidance of a professional coach.

Step 3: Safety boundaries should be observed.

For beginners, there are two very important indicators that must be paid attention to when skiing, and don’t exceed the warning line, otherwise it is equivalent to stepping into a dangerous door with one foot!

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"Busy skiing, busy wrestling, busy being happy!"

"Keep loving going to mountains and seas, no skiing and no winter!"

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