Changsha Nightlife premiered in Changsha, LAY Changsha Dialect Teaching Chen Kexin.

1905 movie network news Recently, the film was premiered in Changsha. The premiere started from "Super Wenhe Friends" and crossed Fisherman’s Wharf, Taiping Old Street, Xiangjiang Cruise and Hunan Museum … … Lead the audience to appreciate the beautiful food in Changsha and share the stories of Changsha created by many masters.

The producer, director and screenwriter of the film, actors, singers, etc. came to the scene, theme song singers Bird and Lu Hu sang their hearts out, and friends such as "Good Six Groups",,, and Wei Ruxuan interacted enthusiastically. The movie premiere first moved into the night snack stall, and the lively color made Hunan ignite the May Day "Changsha fever" in advance.

The premiere went into the midnight snack booth, and the fireworks were full of human feelings. 

Chen Kexin supported Zhang Ji’s touching friendship with appreciate each other.

This premiere specially entered the "super writers and friends" with the characteristics of old Changsha, and created Changsha memories in series with several letters from home, and tasted Changsha snacks in an interesting and interactive way. Producer Chen Kexin, director and screenwriter Zhang Ji, YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi,,, specially starred in LAY and theme song singers Bird and Lu Hu all appeared, and He Jiong and Li Xueqin joined in, in order to advance Amway’s most fun, delicious and moving Changsha nightlife for the audience.

At the premiere ceremony, the film producer Chen Kexin, as a ten-year old friend of director and screenwriter Zhang Ji, supported Zhang Ji’s directorial debut, and the two creators shared the past with emotion on the scene. Eleven years ago, Chen Kexin filmed, and his script was Zhang Ji’s first feature film as a screenwriter. Eleven years later, Zhang Ji took the lead as a director for the first time. After receiving a WeChat invitation from him, Chen Kexin resolutely acted as a producer and escorted his directorial debut.

Chen Kexin’s evaluation of this work is a projection of Zhang Ji’s personal experience, and it is also his long-term insight and understanding of small people and ordinary life. He admitted that although he did not understand Changsha dialect and was not so familiar with Changsha, he was deeply touched by this Changsha story. He firmly believes that "this movie is a touching, warm and exciting story for everyone who has a family and struggles in the city". When it comes to creation, director Zhang Ji said that the filming of this work was based on the night of a family in Changsha, telling every ordinary and special night of every family in China, wrapping life with choking fireworks, and writing about China night with Changsha night.

As "the person who knows Changsha best", He Jiong, a good friend, also appeared on the live broadcast, leading the "Good 6 Group" Li Xueqin, Time Youth Group-and Wu Zelin to share their way of spending their nights in Changsha. Aska Yang and Wei Ruxuan generously share tasty shrimp; The "Nanbowan" men’s team took the audience to punch in the Hunan Museum to decrypt the rune code of Mawangdui and explore the nightlife in Changsha two thousand years ago; Jenny Zeng appeared on the cruise ship "Orange Island Star" for a night tour of Xiangjiang River … …

Chen Kexin, Teaching Changsha Dialect in LAY 

YIN FANG Zhang Jingyi’s affectionate duet sparks fly.

At the live broadcast of the premiere, LAY’s reply to Changsha was exposed for the first time. He wrote emotionally from the perspective of He An, the role in the film, "It was my mother who gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and the direction to go home". Talking about the feelings of dialect playing He An, LAY said: "On the one hand, the persistence of Changsha dialect represents He An’s persistence in his dream, on the other hand, it is also my own small wish: I hope more people will fall in love with Changsha dialect and Changsha."

As a film producer, Chen Kexin praised LAY’s dialect performance, and LAY taught Chen Kexin to speak Changsha dialect on the spot. From dinner appointment to film appointment, Chen Kexin imitated it fluently, showing his language talent, and the crew interacted with each other tactfully and warmly, which complemented the film atmosphere. In addition to LAY, many actors in the film have special memories of Changsha. YIN FANG and Zhang Jingyi exposed their old photos of Changsha at the premiere ceremony, saying that "they have deep feelings with Changsha and are very proud to be in such a film for Changsha!"

In the film, they led the audience to the streets of Changsha, resolved their troubles in a night tour, and ushered in the warming of their emotions. At the premiere, YIN FANG and Zhang Jingyi sang "Don’t Send Me" with deep affection, which made the audience more curious about the emotional collision between the literary otaku and the daring Xiangmeizi. The theme song "Sender Changsha" brought by Bird and Land Rover injected a unique warmth into this enthusiastic activity, and showed the human touch of this online celebrity city to the fullest.

The premiere of the cinema was stamped "Changsha Pride" by Changsha audience. 

The film is dedicated to Changsha Welfare and given to the audience for May Day.

After the premiere live broadcast, producer Chen Kexin, director and screenwriter Zhang Ji, starring YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, Sophie Su, Luo Gang, especially LAY, appeared in Changsha Studios to meet the first audience who watched the movie "Nightlife in Changsha" in China. They not only shared their touching memories about Changsha, but also complained about the feelings of "Xiang" with the sound of "Xiang" at the scene and expressed their feelings about Changsha.

It was the passion and love of the film’s masters that led them to write a love letter dedicated to their hometown, and the audience was also infected by the real and vivid Changsha night in the film, praising the film for "shooting a lot of details that made old Changsha smile" and "feeling the master’s love and sincerity for Changsha" and "this is the real Changsha night life".

In addition to "truth" and "cure", many viewers were touched by the feelings of He An and his father: "I saw the miniature between my father and me in the movie" "This is the Chinese father and son! To resolve all the debts and apologies in life, don’t say sorry, a meal is enough. " The director projects his own experience into the characters, and at the same time, with this accurate observation of life and the head-up care for ordinary people, the audience can gain emotions and be cured while enjoying the colorful nights.