Xiuwen No.1 High School 2019

In order to create a strong learning atmosphere for the ninth grade, help the ninth grade students to meet the final exam from January 14th to 16th in the best condition, and make good use of the coming winter vacation to achieve overtaking in corners, at 7 pm on January 12th, the ninth grade learning experience exchange activity in our school was held on time in the multi-functional lecture hall.  In view of the current situation of students, this exchange activity invited Wen Jianglin, Andy Yang, Luo Yongrui and Luo Zihao, outstanding graduates of Xiuwen No.1 Middle School in 2019, as speakers respectively, and combined with personal experience, put forward pertinent suggestions for the 2020 junior students from the aspects of learning methods and strategies, forming good habits, being good at summing up and analyzing, knowing how to grasp time, keeping a good attitude and paying attention to bit by bit accumulation. After the report, four people patiently answered the questions of the students at the scene and won warm applause.
Everyone has said that the learning methods and experiences of several seniors and sisters are not only combined with personal reality, but also the same learning environment, which is very worth learning. In the future study, we should follow the example of seniors, establish a sense of competition, compare, learn, catch up, help and surpass, and devote ourselves to the late ninth grade study in a good state, cherish time, be down-to-earth, strive for Excellence, go all out, challenge ourselves and strive to achieve excellent results.
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●●●●● Andy Yang ●●●
Good evening, class! I am Andy Yang from Class 4, Grade 9, 2019. It’s an honor and a pleasure to share some of my little experiences with you today.
The first point is diligence.
My junior high school head teacher has always emphasized the word "Heaven rewards diligence". Only hard-working people can be rewarded. When I was in junior high school, the teacher in charge was strict. So our morning reading is at 6: 40 instead of your current 7: 00. In fact, if you get up ten minutes early every day, you can remember a lot more. Another is the use of lunch break. When I was in the ninth grade, I didn’t like going back to my dormitory to sleep at noon, especially next semester. What should I do if I don’t go back to my dormitory? Go to the library. The atmosphere in the library is very good, which makes me calm down to study and think. The learning atmosphere there is very good. During the holidays, I also suggest that students who are convenient can go to the library to feel it. But at the same time, you must keep plenty of energy. My senior high school English teacher once said, "When you are walking, some people are running, some are flying, and some are even riding a rocket." No one is born a genius, but they are all watered by sweat. Be diligent.
The second point is the correct method.
When you feel "I have worked hard, but I still have no progress or little progress", you need to calm down and think about whether your method is correct. I personally advocate two methods: understanding learning and combining work and rest. We can systematize knowledge, truly understand its laws, and turn it into our own use, so that our memory will be deeper and it will be easier to draw inferences when adapting to flexible topics. It is also important to combine work and rest. Personally, I am a fun-loving person. I can’t stand reading dead books, and I don’t like putting myself under constant pressure. It’s easy to get tired. But the combination of work and rest also needs to be reasonable. You must study hard when you should study and relax yourself when you should relax.
Third, be practical.
"The foundation is not firm, and the earth shakes" is what my head teacher has always emphasized to us. Having a solid foundation has a great advantage in high school. The most important thing is language accumulation. Chinese in senior high school depends on accumulation. Moreover, we must form the habit of "preview, study and review". Mark what you don’t understand in preview, and focus on understanding in class, so that you can remember deeply and have higher efficiency. If you don’t understand after class, you should ask in time. Don’t pile up and you won’t be able to solve it in the end.
The fourth point is the mentality problem.
Pressure is power, but excessive pressure is resistance. So we must look for the "optimal pressure value". Don’t push yourself too hard. Communicate with parents and teachers properly. Believe that you can do it.
The fifth point is physical training.
Now everyone must feel that physical training is very bitter, right? When I was in the ninth grade, physical training was also very hard. Jumping a ladder, running at variable speed … It’s a nightmare. But later, I got full marks. At that time, I thought suffering was worth it. How difficult is it to get 4 points for the finale in mathematics? But these 50 only need hard work! So everyone must stick to it and suffer for a while!
Finally, I wish you all good results and a bright future!
●●●●● Luo Yongrui●●●●
Hello, everyone! I am a senior who graduated in 2019. My name is Luo Yongrui. In fact, I don’t have to come today, but I have the cheek to tell you a few words, because I always think Xiuwen No.1 Middle School is a good place, and I was born here myself. Naturally, I hope that all the students in No.1 Middle School can be excellent and shine in a bigger place and spread the spirit of No.1 Middle School.
My first topic today is stress. I’d like to ask all of you here first if you have an urgent feeling of approaching the senior high school entrance examination. None? I think everyone should have it. From now on, give yourself appropriate pressure. Where does the pressure come from? It comes from a goal. This goal can be a higher ranking, a better class, a bigger world, or just a ta around you. Assuming that this ta is excellent and shiny, do you have to work harder to get a chance? No kidding, let’s continue our topic. Next, I want to talk to you about mentality. I want to share with you my own personal experience.
We also have an adaptive exam this year. At that time, because we didn’t know that the extra mark for excellent graduates in Guiyang was cancelled, I really wanted to get this quota. As you all know, I was only a few points behind my classmates in the senior high school entrance examination, which shows how important this extra mark is to me. Therefore, I urgently and eagerly want to get a high and good exam. In the end, I was over ninety in the adaptive test of mathematics, and almost failed. But later, I learned that this bonus point was cancelled, so I calmed down and kept telling myself that everyone was the same, and I didn’t care. Therefore, when I was in the senior high school entrance examination, I got more than 130 points in math, and the math score in this final exam was full marks. Therefore, excellent students must put themselves in a high-pressure environment, blindly pursuing high scores and good rankings, leading to mental imbalance.
Let me tell you something about my own experience. I ranked 1,200 in the city’s senior high school entrance examination, and I feel lucky to choose Guiyang No.1 Middle School. At the same time, I have the courage to choose Guiyang No.1 Middle School, because after all, I am still good here. I think I can only rank more than 1,000 when I go there, so I only got 700 in our entrance assessment, but I am still very happy. My mind is getting better and better, more peaceful and more relaxed. Later, I improved by 500 in the first monthly exam.
I hope everyone can find the importance of pressure balance and good attitude from these two examples, and don’t pursue high level and high quality too much. This is a step-by-step process, so you can’t be impatient and can’t do it overnight.
The second question is about the physical examination. In fact, my own physical examination was very dramatic. At that time, when we were in the ninth grade next semester, I ran for four minutes and more than ten seconds in a kilometer. After more than a month of training, I ran for three minutes and more than ten seconds in the physical examination, which was equivalent to one minute faster. Do you know why I have made such great progress? It is because I take the training of physical education teachers very seriously. I still have a vivid training, that is, on a rainy day at that time, we were still practicing long-distance running, and almost no one ran ten laps in the whole ninth grade. One of my classmates and I insisted on running the whole course with everyone watching. At that time, I didn’t feel ashamed. I felt I should do it, not for anyone, but for myself. So I hope that students, all PE teachers are strict for your own good, and take every training seriously. When you finish the exam, looking back at the time I have worked hard, you will find that you are really good. Those teachers are quite good.
Finally, stop bragging and talk about dry goods. This is also a habit that I have always had, that is, I buy a small desk calendar and write my own goal at the top of every month. When I wake up every morning, I can keep thinking about this goal and get close to it unconsciously. Every day, prepare a small notebook, and write down your homework and tasks when you study in the evening every day, so that you can not only complete your tasks efficiently, but also have a sense of accomplishment. There is also a small skill and this matching, that is, the reward and punishment system for yourself. For a simple example, if you want to lose weight, you have lost ten pounds this month and reached your goal. Reward yourself with a cup of milk tea.
Finally, I hope every student can make great progress in the last five months. Come on! ! !
●●●●● Luo Zihao●●●●
Hello, everyone, my name is Luo Zihao. Just now, Teacher Wang Yizheng introduced me. In 2019, my score in the senior high school entrance examination was 543, and I won the first place in the county with 138 points. I made an introduction from two aspects: my academic experience and my science study.
When I learned of my senior high school entrance examination results, I really wanted to go outside and have a look. The school, including teacher Wang Yizheng and my aunt Luo Yushan, also my junior high school physics teacher, saw that my attitude was firm, and it was not easy to persuade me. So I went to a school. Before the entrance examination, others were reading books, but I didn’t know it at all and I couldn’t review it. At the end of my life, I entered the experimental class as the 13th in the whole school. After entering the school, I found that the level of students in this school is not as good as I thought. When I asked the math teacher a question that he couldn’t answer, I entered his blacklist. Because I prefer to chat, I think I read more books and have more ideas. Before the National Day, I was asked to take them home and issue certificates of physical health and mental health before I could attend classes. When my family went to great lengths to take these certificates, they were asked to accompany me. At that moment, I really felt that the end of the world had come.
The leaders and teachers of Xiuwen No.1 Middle School did not gloat when they learned what I had suffered. Instead, he helped me as always. After being proved at home for more than a month, I returned to Xiuwen Middle School to study. This exam won the first place in the class. My biggest feeling is that the teachers who write essays are really great by comparison. For example, Mr. Zeng Ying, the English teacher just mentioned by Andy Yang, Mr. Cai Yanjun, the physics teacher in China, Mr. Cui Qinghua, Mr. Xue Mei, the chemistry teacher, and Mr. Wu Xiao, the Chinese class teacher, etc. They are so knowledgeable that I really like them. Whether junior high school is here or senior high school is below now, teachers treat us as their own children or younger brothers and sisters, not after my aunt arrived, but all the time. In the seventh grade, my aunt didn’t come to No.1 Middle School. Teacher Wang Yizheng and President Liu Liping took us to learn Go together. In fact, what impressed me the most was that we had a delicious meal together in the Century. Teacher Wang Yizheng and Guang Xu Qin are really the best mentors and friends.
Next, I want to introduce the learning method of science to the students: it is recommended not to use the massive note-taking method, because it will make you dizzy when you see too many words in review, and it is recommended to use the keyword note-taking method. Personally, I am also very interested in the Olympic Games. If you want to make a leap in physics and chemistry, remember to call me during the winter vacation. Self-confidence can help you.
Finally, I wish you all success and good results! ! !