Studies have confirmed that it is not a lie to exercise to fight cancer. What exercise contributes to health? Don’t miss 3 kinds of sports.

Is life rest or exercise?

This problem has puzzled people for many years.

The "sports school" who supports sports believes that maintaining moderate exercise can speed up the whole body blood circulation, improve cardiopulmonary function, promote muscle synthesis, improve basal metabolic rate, enhance resistance and immunity, and help to be happy.

This statement has also been recognized by most people, and scientists have also given relevant evidence that exercise is beneficial to the body and mind, pointing out that proper exercise helps to fight cancer. What is going on? Let’s take a look together.

The research team from Grossman Medical College of new york University published a study in the authoritative medical journal Cell, pointing out that aerobic exercise can activate specific anti-cancer immune cells and inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer.

Scientists found that aerobic exercise can activate the immune system and inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer in mice, which undoubtedly confirmed the possibility of anti-cancer by exercise. In order to evaluate the impact of aerobic exercise on the growth of pancreatic tumors, the research team conducted related experiments on mice, and made the mice with pancreatic cancer do low-intensity aerobic exercise. After 3-4 weeks of exercise, the volume of pancreatic cancer in mice was significantly reduced by 20%~30%.

Subsequently, the research team did single-cell RNA sequencing on tumor tissues, with the purpose of understanding the mechanism of aerobic exercise and anti-tumor growth. The results showed that exercise could reshape the immune state of pancreatic cancer mice, reduce immunosuppressive cells in tumor tissues, and significantly prolong the survival time of mice.

Since exercise can fight cancer, what exercise is best for the body? I believe that the first thing that most people think of is running. However, The Lancet magazine has made a sample survey of 1.2 million people. After 10 years, it is found that the best sport is not running, but swing sports, such as table tennis, badminton and tennis. Followed by swimming, because the whole body muscles can be exercised during swimming, improving heart and lung function, and the pressure on the joints is very small.

The third place is still not running, but aerobic gymnastics, which helps to improve heart and lung function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

1. Sudden movement

I didn’t have the habit of exercising before, so I immediately did strenuous exercise when I made up my mind to exercise, which made the muscles and tendons unable to adapt quickly, thus affecting the body organs and even causing rhabdomyolysis, leading to acute renal failure. In addition, sudden strenuous exercise will also damage the cardiovascular system and even cause sudden cardiac death.

2, lack of rest

WeinengTo get a good exercise effect, you must have enough rest. During sleep, it is the golden time for muscle and body repair, which can help reduce inflammation, reduce inflammatory damage and help lower blood pressure. Insufficient rest for a long time can reduce muscle strength and weaken the exercise effect, so you should have enough rest during exercise and sleep for 7 hours every day.

3. Exercise on an empty stomach

Fasting exercise can easily lead to exercise-induced hypoglycemia, which will cause nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness and dizziness, increase the burden on the liver and stomach, and even cause arrhythmia, increasing the probability of sudden cardiac death.

4, still exercise after illness

Whether it is a minor illness or a major illness, it will consume energy. Exercise with illness can increase the burden on the body and affect the recovery of the disease.

5. Not paying attention to diet

Only paying attention to the intensity of exercise, but not paying attention to diet control, then the exercise effect is not very ideal. Therefore, while maintaining moderate exercise, it is necessary to arrange diet scientifically.


It can be seen that exercise can play a certain anti-cancer effect, but we should master the correct exercise mode. Choose suitable sports according to your physical fitness, age and tolerance, such as walking, playing ball, jogging, swimming and cycling, and ensure that the daily exercise time is not less than 30 minutes.

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