Education is a process of "three points teaching, seven points", and parents should know how to let go.

Education is a process of "three points for teaching and seven points for grading".

It is an eternal problem for parents to help their children with their homework. Some parents are trapped by their own educational anxiety and always hope that their children will always be the first one to run, but they ignore that each child’s growth rhythm is different. Instead of putting too much pressure on them and urging them to run forward all the time, let them do their best.

Education is a process of three-point teaching and seven-point teaching. Parents should know how to let go of high expectations and wait patiently, so that education will bloom in their children. Growth is not achieved overnight. Everyone will stand first, then walk, and finally learn to run hard. A growing marathon does not need to be rushed. We should allow the child to take his time and allow him to be less clever and less perfect.

If you can’t learn a problem today, you can learn another skill tomorrow; If you are not skilled today, you can practice tomorrow.