A series of press conferences on the theme of "Henan this decade" | Shangqiu: Braving and developing by leaps and bounds

  Cctv news On September 30th, the Propaganda Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee held a special conference in Shangqiu on the theme series of "Henan this decade".

  Li Guosheng, secretary of Shangqiu Municipal Committee, Shi Xiangyang, deputy secretary and mayor of Shangqiu Municipal Committee, Zhang Jiaming, member of the Standing Committee of Shangqiu Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, Luo Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Shangqiu Municipal Committee and minister of organization department, etc., introduced that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Shangqiu has made new breakthroughs and leaps in high-quality economic and social development, and answered questions from reporters.

  Comprehensive strength continues to climb.

  In the past ten years, Shangqiu has adhered to the top priority of development, and its comprehensive strength has continued to climb. The total economic output has been ranked seventh in the province for five consecutive years and ranked among the top 100 cities in China for three consecutive years. The per capita disposable income growth rate of all residents ranked first in the province for five consecutive years, and the per capita disposable income growth rate of rural residents ranked first in the province for three consecutive years.

  On the basis of 150.39 billion yuan in 2012, Shangqiu’s GDP has continuously achieved a leap of 200 billion yuan and 300 billion yuan, and its economic and social development has reached a new level.

  Li Guosheng said that Shangqiu has anchored the "two guarantees", implemented the "ten strategies", adhered to the "six unswerving" work requirements, strived to build "seven strong cities" and focused on the "ten tasks", with more precise development orientation, clearer development goals and clearer development ideas. "In the first half of this year, the city’s GDP reached 164.19 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%, ranking sixth in the province in terms of growth rate, and major economic and social development indicators entered the first phalanx of the province."

  Vitality and kinetic energy continue to excite.

  Shangqiu insists on breaking the ice with the key move of reform, and the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services effect" reform is further promoted. It is the first in the province to realize the "separation of trial", and the "Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment in Shangqiu City" is issued, and the "Enterprise Service Day" is regularly held to create a first-class business environment. At the same time, in cooperation with the Provincial Science and Technology Department and China Renmin University, we are committed to building a strong city with science and technology, talents and education.

  Shangqiu insists on promoting integrated development and thoroughly implements the strategy of "storing grain on the ground and storing grain in technology", and the total grain output has been stable at more than 14 billion Jin for six consecutive years. Shangqiu has formed a development pattern of "one county and one characteristic", and has expanded three billion-level industrial clusters of equipment manufacturing, food processing, textiles and clothing and ten billion-level industrial clusters.

  Introducing Xiangyang, Shangqiu’s industrial characteristics are distinct, and attracting projects has been realized from scratch; Increase the intensity of industrial cultivation to achieve the goal of growing from small to large; Promote industrial transformation from weak to strong. "At present, we are committed to implementing the industrial multiplication plan and promoting listed companies ‘ Clear ’ The plan, the rise plan of the central city and the million-return project have contributed to Shangqiu’s strength for the Central Plains. "

  Focusing on the development orientation of "one center, two groups, five satellite cities and 100 towns" and "one core, two wings, three districts and four dimensions", Shangqiu vigorously promotes new urbanization with people as the core, and promotes the "peak" of the central city and the "plateau" of the county economy.

  "Shangqiu City has formulated and implemented the Action Plan for the Rise of Shangqiu City Center. The urban functions have been continuously improved, the carrying capacity has been greatly improved, the role of radiation has been significantly enhanced, and the urban appearance has undergone profound changes." Zhang Jiaming said.

  Hub economy enters the fast lane

  Based on the greatest advantage of traffic location, Shangqiu insists on "building big traffic, developing big logistics, forming big industries and promoting big development", and has compiled the first hub economic plan of prefecture-level cities in China, which has been positioned by the National Development and Reform Commission as the first batch of commercial and service-oriented national logistics hub construction cities and the national backbone cold chain logistics base bearing cities in the Tenth Five-Year Plan. Shangqiu vigorously implements three major actions: upgrading hub energy level, upgrading logistics development, and cultivating hub-preferred industrial clusters to promote the transformation of transportation location advantage to hub economic advantage. In the first half of this year, the city’s express delivery business volume and business income ranked second in the province, and the express delivery business income ranked among the top 50 cities in China.

  Li Guosheng said that Shangqiu will focus on the goal of "building a bridgehead for opening to the outside world and a new highland for hub economy", adhere to the principle that projects are king, strive to multiply industries, make every effort to build a "3+4+N" modern industrial system for high-quality manufacturing, actively plan to build an economic and technological development zone for Henan businessmen, and strive to build a national first-class provincial city with extensive influence and important competitiveness. (General Station reporter Zhao Kun is now Yan Jie CCTV reporter Wei Junhao Su Jin reporter Zhang Fuyi Dong Wang)